Services include Tool Joint Hardfacing (SmoothX©/Super SmoothX©/CASING PLUS©/Arnco 100XT™/Arnco 150XT™/Arnco 300XT™/Arnco 350XT™/ARMACOR M™/TCS™ Titanium/TCS™ 8000/Duraband© NC/Tuffband© NC), Make and Break of Tool Joints, Internal Plastic Coating of Drill Pipe and Tubing, Reconditioning of Drill Pipe, Re-threading of Drill Pipe, Tubing and Casing and Field Inspection.

Reconditioning of Drill Pipe
Reconditioning of Drill Pipe involves full pipe body inspection as per the guidelines of API RP7G, inspection of Tool Joints and inspection of the critical area covering the weld zone and the internal fade out area from the Upset to the pipe body.

The worn out and damaged tool joints are cut off and new tool joints are friction welded to the accepted pipe, machined and post weld heat treated, hardness tested and inspected using wet magnetic particle inspection and ultrasonic methods. The new tool joints can also be provided with Hardfacing.

Rethreading of Drill Pipe
Rethreading of Drill Pipe involves machining of new connection on the damaged tool joint pin and box.

Rethreading of Casing and Tubing
Rethreading of Casing and Tubing involves inspection of the pin threads and the couplings for thread damages. The defective pins are cut off and new pin connections are machined and the damaged couplings are replaced with new couplings. The pipe is hydrostatically tested as per the API Specifications.

Field Inspection
Field Inspection of Oil Country Tubular Goods as per the API Specifications and Customer requirements is part of OCTL activities.

Tool Joint Hardfacing
SmoothX©: provides a smooth surface with little or no exposed carbide to minimize the tool joint wear

Super SmoothX©: for applications requiring maximum casing protection provided by a "machine or grind finish" surface

CASING PLUS©: for a very hard but smooth surface that simultaneously protects both the tool joint and the casing in which it is run

Arnco Technology Trust Ltd, Houston, USA
Arnco 100XT™
Arnco 150XT™
Arnco 300XT™
Arnco 350XT™

Arnco 100XT ™
Arnco 100XT™ was created using an innovative metallurgical design that delivers both adequate tool joint protection and excellent casing wear protection. Arnco 100XT™ delivers a crack-free deposit and exhibits casing wear among the lowest ever measured.

The inherently low coefficient of friction that is a feature of Arnco 100XT&™’s metallurgical characteristics significantly reduces wear caused by contact between the drill string, casing and marine risers and BOPs and can extend the economic life of all the equipment involved.

Arnco 150XT ™
Arnco 150XT™ was developed to be a crack-free, competitively priced hardbanding product with extremely low casing wear and high wear resistance for tool-joint protection.

After years of continued success with Arnco’s legacy 100XT™, an objective was established to develop a hardbanding material with significantly improved durability while still maintaining the industry's lowest casing wear rate. As a result, the 150XT™ emerged exhibiting much improved wear resistance (3.5x better than 100XT™), as well as being Arnco’s most casing-friendly product to date.

It produces a smooth, crack-free deposit with very little spatter requiring minimal post weld clean-up. The 150XT™ can be applied over itself an unlimited number of times without removal of the previous layer. It may also be applied over Arnco's 100XT™ and 350XT™, as well as most competitive products, using proper procedures and an evaluation of the previous application.

Arnco 300XT ™
Arnco 300XT™ is long considered the industry’s most wear resistant hardbanding, and is a favored choice by many international operators and drilling contractors for drill pipe and casing protection. 300XT™ is known by the industry to consistently outlast the competition in lab and field tests. It produces minimum casing wear and maintains significantly more open-hole wear resistance versus competitive casing friendly products - qualities needed to protect the drill pipe tool joints from rapid wear found in highly abrasive drilling conditions.

For customers seeking the durability of the 300XT™ with improved ease of application and the ability to re-apply over competitive materials, the 350XT™ should be considered.

Arnco 350XT ™
Arnco 350XT™ is a metal cored wire that produces a hard (greater than 60 RHc), tough, highly wear-resistant and casing-friendly, NON-CRACKING deposit.

The ability to achieve such exceptional durability, while being casing-friendly and crack-free, is metallurgically based on carbides and borides that produce a grain structure forming tightly arranged hard phases interspersed in a strong, ductile matrix. The small nature of the carbides and borides puts less stress on the matrix allowing a crack free deposit combined with superior durability.

350XT™ can be applied easily on new tool-joints, and over itself an unlimited number of times without removal of the previous layer. The material can also be applied over Arnco 100XT™ and 150XT™, as well as most competitive products, using proper procedures and an evaluation of the previous application.

When applied, 350XT™ produces a smooth, crack-free deposit with very little spatter requiring minimal post-weld cleanup.

Liquidmetal Coatings, Texas, USA
ARMACOR has remained the choice product on drill pipe because it is a hard working hardband that simply keeps on working hard. It has proven itself on tool joints and risers, supporting the drilling efforts of operating companies and contract drillers in some of the harshest and most challenging drilling environments around the globe. Armacor continues to sell itself as a result of its enduring performance in applications where corrosion, erosion, abrasion and downtime remain significant challenges.

Armacor’s extremely low carbon content ensures its compatibility with the tool joint. Armacor’s chemistry enables it to sustain its ‘hot hardness’ beyond materials with different chemistries. A tool joint hardbanded with Armacor will be protected to a higher degree by its amorphous structure than a wire bearing a traditional crystalline structure. Armacor provides superior bonding strengths, hardness even at sustained elevated temperatures, longevity and performance due to hard wear resistance and tough fracture resistant substructure delivering enduring performance even in the harshest drilling conditions, has low friction coefficient and lower replacement costs.

National Oilwell Varco (NOV), USA
TCS™ Titanium
TCS™ 8000

TCS™ Titanium
Tuboscope TCS™ Titanium is a martensitic chrome-titanium carbide alloy with molybdenum. This popular hardbanding choice features high-stress abrasion resistance and the ability to resist cracking and spalling. TCS Titanium is manufactured as a self-shielding, flux-cored, 2.4 mm open arc welding wire and is NS-1 approved.

Features and Benefits of TCS™ Titanium hardbanding:

Very dense and uniform grain structure
Tolerant to variations in pre- and post-temperatures
>56 Rc (undiluted weld metal hardness)
Control single pass application
Removal of previously applied TCS Titanium not required
Can be repaired in remote locations
Flux residues are minimal
Total overlay integrity with tool joint
Extremely low coefficient of friction
Very high stress abrasion resistance
Impact resistant
Cracking and spalling resistant
No shielding gas required
Casing-friendly hardbanding

TCS™ 8000
Tuboscope’s TCS™ 8000 is a highly refined premium grade overlay chrome alloy for tool joints and hardbanding applications. The addition of nickel, vanadium and molybdenum offers enhanced resistance to abrasion, corrosion, impact and wear.

TCS™ 8000 is manufactured as a self-shielding 3/32-inch (2.4 mm) flux-cored, open wire arc. It’s designed for good all-around performance and maximum casing protection.

Features and Benefits of TCS™ 8000 hardbanding:

Extremely smooth overlay as deposited
Very dense and uniform grain structure
Tolerant to variations in pre- and post-temperatures
Flux residues are minimal and self-releasing
>56 Rc (undiluted weld metal hardness)
Can be applied over itself
Can be resurfaced multiple times
Impact resistant
Corrosion resistant No shielding gas required
Will withstand MPI inspection virtually crack free

Postle Industries Inc., Ohio, USA
Duraband® NC
Tuffband® NC

Duraband® NC
Duraband® NC is non-cracking and the only product to be *Fearnley Procter NS-1™ certified for re-application over itself and many other hardband products. (Postle Industries Inc.). OCTL is a Level 2 Certified applicator.

Postalloy® DURABAND® NC is a gas shielded, metal cored hardfacing wire designed specifically for CRACK FREE hardbanding applications. DURABAND® NC microstructure consists of a hard, but tough tool steel matrix with a high volume of tightly packed micro-constituents. This combination ensures excellent wear resistance in open hole drilling as well as being CASING FRIENDLY. Typical hardness values of 57Rc can be expected when applied to new tools or properly rebuilt joints. Deposits are smooth and free of any slag. DURABAND® NC can be applied over itself and over TUFFBAND® NC without removal, but only if the surface has been properly cleaned and inspected. DURABAND® NC can be applied over some competitive products without removal.

Tuffband® NC
Tuffband® NC is applied crack free and prevents spalling even under the most extreme drilling conditions. (Postle Industries Inc.). OCTL is a Level 2 Certified applicator.

Postalloy® Tuffband® NC is a high hardness hardband that may be used by itself for casing friendly hardband applications or used as a weld matrix with Tungsten Carbide (WC) when casing protection is not a factor.

Tuffband® NC is applied crack free and prevents spalling even under the most extreme drilling conditions. It is 100% rebuildable and is *Fearnley Procter NS-1TM Certified for applications on new pipe. It will protect your tool joints and since abrasive materials will not collect in cracks it also extends the life of your casing.

Advantages of Tuffband NC include:
Longer life of tool joints and casing
Minimization of sour gas problems at critical sites
100% Rebuildable

Make and Break of Tool Joints
Break the joints in by making up three times to their recommended make-up torque. This option ensures proper initial make-up of tool joints which affects the life of the tool joint connections. Saves rig time.

Internal Plastic Coating
Internal Plastic Coating of Drill Pipe improves the performance and life of the drill pipe.

The Drill Pipe is thermal cleaned and the internal surface is blasted with grit for a good anchor pattern preparatory to Coating. A two stage application of phenolic / epoxy liquid coatings is sprayed on to the internal surface of the drill pipe in a controlled manner and thermal cured at each stage. This ensures uniform coating thickness and Quality throughout the length of the Drill Pipe.

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