Oil Country Tubular Limited (OCTL), is a processor of a wide range of Oil Country Tubular Goods and Drilling Products required for the Oil Drilling and Exploration Industry. OCTL is located near Hyderabad city, India, and is an unique facility in the World. OCTL has earned worldwide recognition for the Quality of its products and services. Innovation and Technical Excellence are the driving spirit behind OCTL and the overriding focus at OCTL is on the quality of its products and services.

At OCTL, the complete processing activity is concentrated in a single unique integrated Plant located at Narketpally and with Corporate Headquarters in Hyderabad, India. The facilities include Upsetting, Heat Treatment, Non-Destructive Testing, Metallurgical Laboratory, Gauging and Calibration Laboratory, Tool Joint and Coupling Threading, Casing and Tubing Threading, Friction Welding of Drill Pipe, Hydrostatic Testing, Collapse Pressure Testing and Internal Plastic Coating of Tubulars.

OCTL's wide product range covers Drill Pipe, Heavy Weight Drill Pipe, Drill Collars, Kellys, Production Tubing, Casing, Tool Joints, Couplings, Pup Joints, Nipples, Subs, and Cross Overs.

OCTL's Oil Field Accessories include Rotary Subs, Lift Plugs and Lift Subs, Cross Overs (Drill Pipe to Drill Collar or Drill Collar to Drill Collar), Stabilizer Sleeves, Welded Blade Stabilizers & Integral Stabilizers and Cast Steel Lifting Bails.

Services include Tool Joint Hardbanding, Make and Break of Tool Joints, Internal Plastic Coating of Drill Pipe and Tubing, Reconditioning of Drill Pipe, Re-threading of Drill Pipe, Tubing and Casing, and Field Inspection of Tubulars.

OCTL can also supply in large numbers finished Tool Joints for Drill Pipe and API Couplings for Tubing and Casing of all grades.

Oil Country Tubular Limited has been assessed and certified by the ISO 9001:2015 Quality System

The Products conform to the relevant American Petroleum Institute (API) Specifications and carry API monogram:

API Specification 5DP

API Specification 5CT

API Specification 7-1


OCTL believes in the principles of continuous improvement which are put into practice at every level in the organization. It is OCTL's continuous endeavor to improve the quality of its products and services to the satisfaction of it's Customers, by adopting the latest manufacturing practices and technical improvements.

Our integrated facility gives us the 'competitive edge', supported by our personnel who are highly motivated, dedicated and committed to produce Quality products consistently.

Drill Rods Contact: drillrods@octlindia.com
Oil Country Tubular Ltd. manufactures and suppliers Drill Rods for Water Well, Mining, Geological Survey / Investigation, Piling and Construction.

We have the complete range of Drill Rods and can meet any specific requirements / specifications in supplying the Drill Rods.

The Tool Joint adapters are Friction Welded to the Tube.

The Friction Welded Drill Rod is uniformly normalized. The Drill Rods are stronger in strength, uniform in mechanical properties giving a longer life.

We can supply any type of Drill Rods for any Water Well, Mining or Geothermal drilling applications, whether it is an Atlas Copco, Ingersoll Rand, Sandvik, Schramm, Drilltec, Versa-Drill, operating in Africa, Australia and many other places in search of water, the precious resource.

Contact: drillrods@octlindia.com
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Drill Rod with Tool Joint Product Range


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