For each drill pipe component, complete product and process traceability is maintained from the raw material stage to finished Drill Pipe. For the pin and box tool joints, the mill test certificates are confirmed by incoming testing and each tool joint is provided with a unique product number and this product number gives the traceability through out the manufacturing process. The same procedure is applied to the pipe for it's traceability.
Complete documentation is provided with each shipment detailing the full Quality Control records likeQuality Clearence Certificate Length Tally Sheet

Drill String Assembly Data which includes the product number of each component (Pin and Box and Pipe), heat numbers of each component, finished length, upset to upset length & weight of each pipe.

Mill Test & Inspection Certificate which includes chemical analysis for all pipe and tool joints , mechanical results of pipe and upset and tool joints, and mechanical results of test welds.

Non Destructive Test Certificate

Any other documentation per Customer's request can also be provided.

Options available on customer's request:

Extra Long Tool Joints: to provide increased space for connection rework and for tong handling

Make and Break of Tool Joints: break the joints in by making up three times to their recommended make-up torque. This option ensures proper initial make-up of tool joints which affects the life of the tool joint connections. Saves rig time.

Cold Rolling: of thread roots to create a pre-stress compression loading condition which increases fatigue life by increasing resistance to crack initiation.