OCTL DS (Double Shoulder) High Torque Connection substantially increases drilling safety and performance by providing higher torque capacity than standard API connections. The superior torsional strength makes OCTL DS connection ideal for use in aggressive drilling programs.

The primary external shoulder serves as the sealing surface, while the secondary shoulder serves as the mechanical stop for the connection. OCTL DS pin and box sections are engineered to distribute the make up forces between the two shoulders, providing additional torsional strength for high torque applications.

The ability to improve hydraulics and maintain higher tool joint torsional strength than the standard API connection makes OCTL DS connection an excellent choice for tough downhole applications.

OCTL DS is interchangeable with standard API connections, giving the Customer additional flexibility for use with existing conventional drill strings. OCTL DS is suitable for deep well drilling, extended reach well or horizontal well drilling.

Various applications including smaller OD and larger ID are available as well. Other tool joint OD and ID combinations are available on request. OCTL can conduct break in of tool joints and provide hardfacing of tool joints and Internal Plastic Coating on Customer’s request.

OCTL produces high performance drill pipe and tool joints to outstanding quality standards and rigorous quality management systems are applied in our operations. All products are manufactured in accordance with Customer’s specifications and the most demanding international standards.


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